Watershed Discovery Foundation

Watershed Discovery Foundation


Type: Nonprofit


Watershed: San Vicente


About: The Watershed Discovery Foundation is dedicated to providing innovative and immersive, hands-on experiences that encourage and foster students to become responsible land stewards, protect our water resources and make long-term positive changes locally. Our unique educational programs promote scientific understanding and connection to watersheds through student exploration. We believe, through education and technology students have the tools and empowerment to succeed at state learning standards and to make positive impacts in the communities around them.






Address: PO Box 1540, El Granada, CA 94018


Phone: (415) 860-2900


Programs:Watershed Detectives,5th grade; Watershed Investigators,7th Grade; Oceans Week “Storm Drains to the Ocean”; Watershed on Wheels Bus; Watershed Discovery Summer Camp


Volunteer Opportunities: Many volunteer opportunities exist including helping with events, mentoring students during workshops, preparing materials and curriculum for workshops and helping with the many behind the scenes activities needed to deliver our workshops.