Illicit Discharge Coordinators

Report Stormwater Pollution


Nothing besides water is allowed to be dumped or allowed to flow into a storm drain. This includes washwaters, sewage, automotive fluids, construction materials, paint, sediment and/or silt, and food wastes. Reporting incidents of water pollution problems such as illegal dumping or discharges helps keep our local creeks, San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean clean.


When to make a report?


  • When you notice unusual odors in or near the storm drain.
  • When you find dumped waste in or near the storm drain.
  • When the drainange system has unusually large flows during dry periods.
  • When you see someone illegally dumping anything into the storm drain.

Note: If you are reporting an emergency situation that could result in imminent or substantial danger to the health and safety of persons, call 911.



Stormwater Illicit Discharge Contacts*



Illicit Discharge Coordinators



Town of Atherton

 Steve Tyler

(650) 752-0541

City of Belmont


John Tallitsch


(650) 637-4701


City of Brisbane


Keegan Black

Diane Cannon

After Hours

Alternate After Hours

Department of Public Works

Police Dispatch

(415) 508-2130

(415) 508-2130

(415) 286-0164

(415) 467-1212

City of Burlingame


Jennifer Lee


After hours


Police non-emergency dispatch


(650) 558-7670


(650) 777-4100


Town of Colma


Louis Gotelli

After hours


Public Works Supervisor

Colma Police Department Dispatch (Non-Emergency) 

(650) 757-8888

(650) 997-8321


City of Daly City


Ward Donnelly

24 hour support



(650) 991-8208

(650) 991-8200


City of East Palo Alto


Michelle Daher

Jay Farr


(650) 853-3191

(650) 250-0308


City of Foster City


Norm Dorais

After Hours

Police Dispatch 

(650) 286-3279

(650) 286-3345

City of Half Moon Bay


Dan Barros

After Hours Reporting


(650) 726-7177

(650) 726-8286

Town of Hillsborough


John Mullins

Gary Francis


(650) 375-4709

(650) 375-7506


City of Menlo Park


Azalea Mitch


(650) 330-6742


City of Millbrae


Kevin Cesar

After Hours


(650) 259-2392

(650) 259-2374

City of Pacifica


Raymond Donguines

After Hours

Police non-emergency dispatch


(650) 738-3768

(650) 738-7314


Town of Portola Valley


Howard Young


(650) 851-1700
ext 214


Redwood City


Eddie Pastrano


(650) 780-7477


City of San Bruno


Jim Burch


(650) 616-7179


City of San Carlos


Lou Duran, Public Works Supervisor


Public Works Dispatch

Police Dispatch (After Hours and Weekends)

(650) 802-4140

(650) 802-4321

San Mateo County (unincorporated)


Office of Sustainability


(888) 442-2666


San Mateo County Flood Control


Julie Casagrande


(650) 363-4100


City of San Mateo


Mark Swenson
Sven Edlund

(650) 522-7349
(650) 522-7342 

City of South San Francisco


Andy Wemmer


After Hours


(650) 829-3840

(650) 829-3848

(650) 877-8556

Town of Woodside


Sean Rose 


(650) 851-6790





*Where two names are provided, the first name is the primary contact and the second name is the alternate.