Recycle Works Composting Program

Recycle Works Composting Program


Type: Government


About: The Composting Program is designed to educate residents on types of composting: backyard, and vermicomposting (worm). Residents are encouraged to practice composting in order to reduce the organic waste that goes into the landfill. By composting your organic waste you are returning nutrients back into the soil to continue the life cycle.




Address: 555 County Center, 5th Floor, Redwood City, CA 94063


Phone Number: 1-888-442-2666


Email: Contact Form:


Programs: Free Composting Workshops, Sustainable Gardening Lecture Series, and information about Backyard and Worm Composting


Volunteer Opportunities: The Master Composter Program is designed to extend composting information to the public through volunteers who have successfully completed a comprehensive training program. This free educational program is made available through the County of San Mateo.

Master Composters agree to give back to the community a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service in the form of approved educational outreach throughout the County. This can be done in a variety of ways such as giving workshops at schools, community centers, staffing a booth at the County Fair or writing a press release for a newspaper or social marketing web page.


Composting Workshops