Sustainable Purchasing


Using sustainable purchasing practices doesn't just benefit the environment - it can also save your organization time and money.


In February 2012, San Mateo County hosted a Sustainable Purchasing Training Series (designed for local governments here in the County, but useful for anyone with purchasing decisions to make).

For each of the the key topics there is a video (on our YouTube channel) from the live training session and a fact sheet for handy off-line reference.

If you need more information or links to groups, visit our Sustainable Purchasing Resources page.


Sustainable Purchasing 101

Learn how to incorporate green factors into your purchasing decisions, with easy-to-use free tools and simple approaches already tested by local government buyers.

Fact Sheet (pdf) and videos on:


Products and Practices

Green Cleaning

Learn practices that protect the health of your building's users, and its cleaning staff. Get reliable tools to choose products that perform well without unwanted side effects.

fact sheet (pdf) and video on basics, plus case study video on San Francisco's program

Green Lighting

What's changing in indoor and outdoor lighting? How do you choose products and contractors for safety, quality of the light, easier maintenance, and energy savings? Learn about fluorescents, LEDs, and more.

fact sheet (pdf) and video


Reducing Battery Waste

Single-use batteries carry high costs upfront and for disposal. Learn where and how to use rechargeables, which ones to buy, and tips for getting the most out of all your battery-powered equipment.

fact sheet (pdf) and video


Office Electronics

Fact sheet about purchasing electronic equipment, and proper disposal at end-of-life.

 fact sheet (pdf)




Fact sheet about paint - buying recycled, low-VOC, end of life management, and more.

 fact sheet (pdf)