Used Motor Oil & Filter Disposal

Curbside Collection for Single-Family Homes


Republic Services, GreenWaste, Recology of San Mateo County, and South San Francisco Scavenger offer curbside used oil and filter collection for single-family residences.


*Check with your garbage service above for maximum limits (between 2-5gal) and proper containers accepted.


* Do NOT mix oil with antifreeze, transmission fluid, water, gasoline or anything else. Contaminated oil will not be accepted.


Convenient Collection Centers for Used Motor Oil & Filter Disposal


Google Map of Drop-Off Locations


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O = Used Oil
F = Used Oil Filter

North County

Daly City    
AutoZone6212 Mission St.755-5145OF
Bayshore Chevron2690 Bayshore Blvd.415-330-9888OF
Firestone Store4 Serramonte Center994-1500OF
O'Reilly Auto Parts5 Skyline Plaza994-2650OF
O'Reilly Auto Parts7283 Mission St.755-8890OF
SpeeDee Oil Change1600 Sullivan Ave.755-8777O 
Serramonte Ford999 Serramonte Blvd.301-7046OF
South San Francisco    
Blueline Transfer Station500 E. Jamie Ct.589-5511OF
O'Reilly Auto Parts1059 El Camino Real589-8102OF
O'Reilly Auto Parts3541 Callan Blvd.827-9081OF
Shiva Auto Repair118 S. Spruce Ave.225-0600OF
San Bruno    
Jiffy Lube1580 El Camino Real588-3970O 
Recology San Bruno
San Bruno residents only
101 Tanforan Ave.583-8536OF
Skyline College Automotive Dept.3300 College Dr.738-4126OF
AutoZone320 El Camino Real697-3504OF
Firestone Store1201 El Camino Real871-9096O 
O'Reilly Auto Parts1145 El Camino Real583-0443OF
Burlingame Valero601 California Dr.347-0486OF
Hyundai Burlingame1025 Rollins Rd.340-7300OF
Putnam GM198 California Dr.342-9500O
South County    
San Mateo    
Auto Medics330 S. Claremont St.342-8480OF
AutoZone3880 S. El Camino Real372-0535OF
Big O Tires2160 El Camino Real212-2446OF
Chevron Oil Stop2009 El Camino Real572-8000O 
Firestone Store2180 S. El Camino Real345-3535OF
Jiffy Lube2517 S. El Camino Real349-7222OF
Jiffy Lube407 S. Delaware St.344-8242OF
O'Reilly Auto Parts2640 S. El Camino Real349-1275OF
O'Reilly Auto Parts400 S Norfolk St.344-2448O 
Reeds Service Center1641 Palm Ave.341-6675OF
San Mateo Auto Care1471 E Third Ave.343-6651OF
Foster City    
AM/PM Hillsdale Arco880 E. Hillsdale Blvd.349-1849OF
Valero501 Foster City Blvd.345-6500OF
Carlmont Village Shell2000 Ralston Ave.592-3637OF
Spiteri's Auto Service, Inc.292 Old County Rd.593-4758OF
San Carlos    
Jiffy Lube1030 El Camino Real594-1688OF
Max Motors945 American St.594-0410OF
O'Reilly Auto Parts1272 El Camino Real595-5112OF
Oil Changer1188 El Camino Real591-0695OF
Pep Boys1087 Old County Rd.632-1522OF
Perfect Lube1792 El Camino Real593-4758OF
Smart Care Auto400 El Camino Real593-7873OF
Shoreway Environmental Center333 Shoreway Rd.802-8355OF
Redwood City    
AutoZone901 El Camino Real556-1684OF
Boardwalk Auto Center1 Bair Island Rd.364-0100OF
Chanique's Auto Repair425 Dumbarton Ave.365-1322OF
Redwood Car Care1331 El Camino Real368-3894OF
Firestone Store1458 El Camino Real364-1900OF
Jiffy Lube640 Whipple Ave.369-8067OF
Kings Union 76975 Woodside Rd.364-9620OF
O'Reilly Auto Parts2411 El Camino Real368-2831OF
Oil Changer2762 El Camino Real366-5394OF
Towne Ford Sales1601 El Camino Real366-5744OF
Toyota 101525 E. Bayshore Road365-5000OF
Toyota Scion Specialist61 Willow St.363-1290OF
Woodside Auto and Tire333 Woodside Rd.363-0460OF
Menlo Park    
M&R Automotive1281 El Camino Real325-3900OF
Oil Changer944 Willow Rd.321-9047OF
Sharon Heights Shell125 Sharon Park Dr.854-3400OF
Skylonda Fire Station17290 Skyline Blvd851-1860OF
East Palo Alto    
AutoZone2160 University Ave.321-7221OF
Recology of the Coast
Pacifica residents only
1046 Palmetto Ave.355-9000OF
Oil Changer2880 Skyline Blvd.355-7233OF
Sanford Firestone705 Hickey Blvd.355-1154OF
Half Moon Bay    
Half Moon Bay Auto Repair149 Main St.726-0711OF
Ox Mountain Landfill12310 Highway 92726-1819OF
Pescadero Transfer Station-Allied WasteBean Hollow Rd. @ Artichoke879-0729OF