Spring into Health!

Spring is a time for sunshine, flowers, new growth and exploring the outdoors. Get outside and join a community cleanup event and help preserve our local waterways and environment. On or around Earth Day on April 22nd, neighborhood litter pickup events, habitat restorations, graffiti abatement and other general sprucing up activities take place. Help capture trash before it goes into the storm drain!

Once in the storm drain, litter easily flows directly to our creeks, Bay, beaches and ocean. Find a spring cleanup event near you at www.flowstobay.org/

Breathe Easy! Safer Home Cleaning

Open those windows while you do some spring cleaning with safer products! You can avoid the harmful ingredients in many household products by making your own products with ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen cupboard! Visit http://www.womensvoices.org/avoid-toxic-chemicals/diy-recipes/ for safer, easy-to-prepare cleaners. The videos are especially helpful. Then e-mail us! We would love to hear your safer cleaning questions
and suggestions. Contact us at info@flowstobay.org.