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Latest News: Rain Barrels

Rain barrels and cisterns can be installed to capture stormwater runoff from rooftops and store it for later use.  They are low-cost systems that will allow you to supplement your water supply with a sustainable source and help preserve local watersheds by retaining rainfall.

Capturing even a small amount of your roof run off will have environmental benefits because it will reduce the quantity and speed of stormwater runoff flowing to local creeks.

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Got Ants?

Less than 2% of the insects you encounter in the garden will be pests.  The vast majority of insects in your yard are not harmful - they're either beneficial or neutral.  In the interest of keeping these friendly insects alive, take a targeted, selective approach to dealing with the insects that are pests.

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Community Cleanups

Volunteers are needed in every community to start new litter cleanup groups.  You don't have to live near a beach or a creek to make a difference.  We can provide you with tips for organizing a cleanup and assist with arranging for trash pickup for the items you pick up.

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