Green Streets Design Guidebook

San Mateo County Sustainable Green Streets and Parking Lots Design Guidebook
First Edition: January 2009

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ChapterPage TitleFile Size
Full DocumentSustainable Green Streets & Parking Lots Design
55,307 KB
 Executive Statement & Table of Contents
1,123 KB
Chapter 1Introduction to the Guidebook
3,031 KB
 Project Summary
266 KB
 What is Sustainable Stormwater Design?
447 KB
 Pre-Urban Development: A Healthy Landscape
427 KB
 Pre-Urban Development: The Effects of Impervious Surface
456 KB
 Balanced Development: A Greener Approach
842 KB
 What are Green Streets and Green Parking Lots?
733 KB
 Why use Green Streets and Green Parking Lots?
1,149 KB
 Unique Considerations for San Mateo County
307 KB
 What is Inside this Guidebook?
302 KB
Chapter 2Design Strategies for Green Streets & Parking Lots
8,626 KB
Site Layout Strategies
 Introduction: Site Layout Strategies, 3 Step Design Process
382 KB
 Provide Efficient Site Design
1,464 KB
 Balance Parking Spaces with Landscape Spaces
389 KB
 Utilize Surface Conveyance of Stormwater
384 KB
 Add Significant Tree Canopy
402 KB
 Provide Alternative Transportation Options
284 KB
Stormwater Facility Strategies
 Pervious Paving
1,010 KB
 Vegetated Swales
1,069 KB
 Infiltration /Flow-Through Planters
1,108 KB
 Rain Gardens
1,351 KB
 Stormwater Curb Extensions
1,292 KB
 Green Gutters
653 KB
Chapter 3The Streets and Parking Lots in San Mateo County
1,267 KB
 Introduction: Streets & Parking Lots in San Mateo County
223 KB
 San Mateo County Streets
1,011 KB
 San Mateo County Parking Lots
218 KB
Chapter 4Design Examples for San Mateo County
14,865 KB
 Design Examples for San Mateo County
390 KB
 Low Density Residential Streets
3,819 KB
 High Density Residential Streets
2,450 KB
 Residential Driveway Options
1,079 KB
 Commercial Streets
3,553 KB
 Arterial Streets and Boulevards
2,124 KB
 Parking Lots
2,592 KB
Chapter 5Key Design and Construction Details
8,299 KB
 Introduction: Key Design and Construction Details
514 KB
Design Details
 The Sizing of Stormwater Facilities
303 KB
 Street Profile
471 KB
 Pedestrian Circulation along Green Streets
360 KB
 Pedestrian Circulation within Parking Lots
442 KB
 Dealing with Steep Topography
607 KB
 Dealing with Poor Soils
291 KB
 Designing with Utilities
2,334 KB
 Getting the Water in - Sheet Flow or Curb Cuts?
325 KB
 Curb Cut Examples to Avoid
331 KB
 Types of Curb Cuts
1,212 KB
 Conveying Water with Trench Drains and Speed Bumps
341 KB
 Dealing with Sediment
374 KB
 Overflow Options
472 KB
 Choosing Appropriate Plant Material
571 KB
Construction Details 
 Soil Preperation
356 KB
 Grading of Soil and Hardscape Elements
363 KB
 Applying Mulch Material
300 KB
 Construction Administration
153 KB
Chapter 6Implementing Green Streets & Parking Lots Projects
4,145 KB
 Introduction: Implementing Projects
337 KB
Key Implementation Strategies
 Reducing Project Costs
845 KB
 Changing Municipal Code/Policy
249 KB
 Creating Incentives
182 KB
 Public Education and Outreach
348 KB
 Demonstration Projects
510 KB
Demonstration Projects in San Mateo County
 Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Parking Lot
594 KB
 Holly Road Green Street
1,272 KB
 Belle Air/Third Avenue Green Street
413 KB
 Large Shopping Mall Area
425 KB
ConclusionIn Conclusion and Acknowledgements
228 KB
 Appendix A: Further Resources
94 KB
 Appendix B: Potential Green Streets and Parking Lots Constraints Survey
469 KB
 Appendix C: The Physical Conditions in San Mateo County
1,071 KB

Local Stormwater Codes and Permitting Process Information