Burlingame Citizen Volunteers: Adopt-a-highway

Burlingame Citizen Volunteers: Adopt-a-highway


Type: Nonprofit


Location Focus: Burlingame, San Mateo County


About: Keeping the roadway entrance to Burlingame at 101/Broadway free of trash and looking presentable.


Email: nancy.locke@sbcglobal.net


Programs: Semi-monthly trash collection and vegetation maintenance, via Caltrans' Adopt-a-Highway program, at a portion of the freeway interchange at 101/Broadway (Burlingame).  This is a landscaped area, so vegetation maintenance is an important part of our work.  Work dates are usually on Saturday or Sunday morning.


Volunteer Opportunities: Open to anyone over 18 yrs.  Safety orientation required prior to joining this volunteer crew.  Safety equipment (vest, hardhat, gloves, etc.) will be provided by Caltrans.