Best Management Practices

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Is Everybody's Business!
Best Management Practices (BMPs) You Can Use Now


Polluting stormwater is against the law! If your business allows anything OTHER than rain down the storm drain, you can get cited, fined, lose permits, or even go to jail. You may be liable for any clean up costs to prevent spills, litter, and other wastes from polluting stormwater. All businesses can implement common sense Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce or eliminate their contribution to stormwater pollution.


The following guidelines offer simple things you can do to be part of the solution to stormwater pollution. Following these guidelines will minimize the discharges of stormwater pollutants from your facility, keep your business in compliance, and help improve water quality in our local waterways. Remember, preventing stormwater pollution is not just good business - it's everybody's business!


Protect stored materials and waste containers from contact with rainfall


Prevent leaves and garden chemicals from washing into storm drains


Keep the outside of your facility free of trash


Label and inspect storm drain inlets


Prevent leaks and spills from getting into storm drains


Prevent wash water and other pollutants from flowing into storm drains


Recycle fluorescent lamps, batteries, and electronics


Educate and train employees and contractors



Find specific best management practices for the following:

  1. Food Facilities (Restaurants and Grocery Stores)
  2. Construction Industry
  3. Automotive Service Facilities
  4. Industrial Facilities
  5. Mobile Cleaners
  6. Landscape Professionals & Gardeners
  7. Sustainable Purchasing