Flows To Bay Joins the Bay Day Celebration


October 7th was Save The Bay’s annual Bay Day, an event aimed towards bringing awareness to the health of our most treasured natural resource, the Bay! Bay Day hosts educational and recreational activities that will ignite your love for the Bay and motivates Bay Area residents to protect our local waters. With over 68 event locations throughout the Bay, including coastal restoration projects, trash cleanups and trail hiking, Save The Bay ensured plenty of local fun to all Bay Area residents. had the honor of attending the Bay Day homebase at Redwood City’s PortFest.


The sheer number of Bay Dayers congregating around the live band and festive tables sharing messages of a commitment to a clean and vibrant Bay is testament to the fact that clean water and healthy ecosystems are a priority for many of us, and that local residents are ready to make a positive difference. It was inspiring just to see how easily people were engaged in learning about “stormwater pollution,” which typically isn’t the winning conversation at the party. But it’s clear that people do care and want to know what they can do to help reduce their own impact. To join the movement, our team shared the new Flows To Bay Challenge -- a great way for residents to take action here in San Mateo through fun stewardship and sustainable-living events and all the resources you need to get started.


The reality of how each of us has a direct link to the health of the Bay, however, is not always clear. One family we spoke with, a young couple with a toddler, did not know that our trash, pesticides, etc. flow directly into the Bay without first being treated. This is a very common misconception that stormwater is treated before it enters the ocean. Any trash, pet waste, oil or other pollutants on sidewalks or streets eventually make its way directly to the ocean with no treatment. Albeit surprised, this young family quickly made notes about how to improve their home and their daily routines to lessen their impact. Like most of us, they want their daughter to grow up aware of and engaged in the issue, perhaps more than they themselves had been due to busy schedules. The main thought that seemed to linger as they moseyed along was that there are small things that all of us can do, like not over-filling waste bins, or capturing stormwater from your roof to water your garden.


We also spoke with a group of teenagers who were involved in a local sailing club, This eager group of young conservationists had seen first hand the litter and pollutants that can end up the Bay. They came to Bay Day mostly to have fun, but also to learn about what they could do to prevent the all too familiar site of litter and pollution on the Bay. We talked to them about local cleanup events and ways they can prevent litter from appearing in the first place (to learn about local cleanup events, visit our events calendar here, halfway down the page). This is what motivated people the most, the realization that they could take action, in a way that isn’t going to be disruptive to their lives.


Aside from the educational moments and inspiring conversations about real people making real change, there were also free boat rides, delicious crab cakes and even a jet pack demonstration! It was the ideal balance of fun and education. So if you didn’t make it this year, be sure to come out for the next Bay Day and help save the Bay, every day!


© Jill Clardy Photography photo credit