Five Ways To Make Your Home Water-Friendly

Even with recent record rainfalls, Californians suffering through the drought have come to understand that water is a precious resource. There are many small ways to make your home more water friendly here in the San Mateo area. You can also save money by cutting back your monthly water bill. 


1. Rain barrels


When the rain comes, collect it. Just one inch of rain on an average roof can equate to 625 gallons of water that will take its course through a vast network of pipes and channels, eventually draining untreated to the Bay. But did you know you can actually save that rainwater and use it for watering your garden before it goes down the drain? Rain barrels can help put rainwater to good use, lighten your water footprint and even reduce flooding. San Mateo residents who buy and install qualifying rain barrels can collect rebates of up to $100 per barrel. Learn more about installation, upkeep and rebate information here: rain barrels.  


2. Faucet fixes


A leaky faucet that drips just five times within a minute may be wasting more than 200 gallons of water a year. A quick repair to stop the dripping can help conserve that water. It is also possible to save as much as 70 gallons per month by adding water-saving faucet aerators. Cal Water offers aerators for free in conservation kits.


3. Update the washer


Older top-loading machines use 40 gallons of water for a full load of laundry. A high-efficiency washer may use half the water and energy of traditional washers.  Update to a high-efficiency model and a rebate may be available through Cal Water. Check for rebates here.


4. Rip up the lawn


Shut off the sprinkler and remove the grass on your property. Replace it with a drought-tolerant landscape. Not sure how to do that? It’s easier than you might think. Attend a free water-efficient landscape class offered by the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency.


5. Permeable Pavements


One of the best ways to reduce runoff is to direct it into the ground. There, it can be filtered by plants or soil instead of running onto sidewalks, streets and into storm drains.  Water is absorbed by the plants and trees. Learn more about permeable landscaping here.

Conserving water can save money and the environment.  Take one action this week to make your home more water-friendly!