Fun Ways For Kids To Conserve Water & Prevent Pollution

Fall and winter are great times to have some “Edventures” with your kids! 


Laying a strong conservation foundation now when children are young helps to ensure future water saving efforts. Here are some helpful tips to show your child that water conservation can be fun and engaging:


1. Get a Jump on Some Spring Plantings.

Kids love to get their hands dirty.  So tap into that behavior and plant some spring bulbs now. Plants set in the fall require less water and will look better in spring.


2.  Small Investment, Big Benefits.

Show your child that saving water is as easy as catching water in a barrel...literally.  A rain barrel can be used to collect and store rainwater runoff, which can be used to water your plants or garden.


3. Encourage your Child to be a Drain Ranger, a Leak Detective or Deputy Drip!

Task your child to go sleuthing for leaks or ways to save or protect water around the house. Have them look for dripping faucets or together you can try the “dye test” to see if any of your toilet tanks are slowly leaking. Once found, fix the leak or clean up the potential pollutant with your child and show them that they can be part of the solution!


4.  Saving Water is a Family Affair

Organize a family meeting with your child and help them make a list of ways they can help save water like the one below:


a) Keep showers to 5 minutes (a shower timer is handy).

b) When washing hands, turn off water when lathering hands with soap.

c) Fill the sink when hand washing dishes—don’t let the water run.

d) Turn off water while brushing teeth.


5. Go On a Watershed “Edventure!

Drive, hike, walk or bike to explore creek, bay and ocean habitats.  Take the time to show your child that pollution affects our rivers, lakes and oceans.



Teaching your children about water conservation shouldn’t be boring and dull...make it an “edventure.”  Trust us...your kids will thank you for it!