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Each year, over one million gallons of trash and three million gallons of oil enter the Bay, along with pet waste containing parasites and bacteria, mercury from improperly disposed household items like thermometers and light bulbs, and pesticides and fertilizers from lawn and garden care, all of which can harm and contaminate marine life and make the water dangerous for recreational use. All of these pollutants start with and can be curbed by residents like you! But it’s tough to know where to get started and that is why we are excited to introduce the...

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October 7th was Save The Bay’s annual Bay Day, an event aimed towards bringing awareness to the health of our most treasured natural resource, the Bay! Bay Day hosts educational and recreational activities that will ignite your love for the Bay and motivates Bay Area residents to protect our local waters. With over 68 event locations throughout the Bay, including coastal restoration projects, trash cleanups and trail hiking, Save The Bay ensured plenty of local fun to all Bay Area residents. had the honor of attending the Bay Day homebase at Redwood City’s PortFest....

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With last year’s unusually wet winter and the next rainy season approaching, green infrastructure will be more important than ever in California. Local governments, especially in the Bay Area, are making great efforts to implement green infrastructure in their cities. Read on to learn more about green infrastructure and how to see if there’s green infrastructure in your city!


First, what is green infrastructure and why is it important? Green infrastructure is an approach to city and street planning that allows stormwater (water that...

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Put down those car keys and lace up those walking shoes, October 4th is International Walk to School Day and you’re invited! This global event began in 1977 and now involves over 40 countries around the world. Administrators, teachers, students, and parents alike walk and bike to school for this event that encourages communities to pollute less and promotes safer neighborhoods.


 Why walk?

  • It’s fun!
  • Spend quality time with your...
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There’s a special area on the San Mateo County coast just north of Half Moon Bay that attracts thousands of visitors each year.  So special, in fact, it’s protected under local, state, and federal designations to ensure that it remains that way for future generations.   The James V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (Reserve) is one of many places on San Mateo County’s coastline where residents and visitors can enjoy being in, on, and near the water.  Visitors to this County Park walk the beach, explore the tidepools, watch harbor seals, kayak, and hike in an area whose...

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Results are in from the first San Mateo Countywide FlowsToBay High School Green Infrastructure Contest. This contest was open to high school students and probed them to learn about stormwater pollution and green infrastructure solutions through creating a green infrastructure proposal for their high school campus, which addressed a specific environmental or water quality issue that affects their school community.


The winning proposal was submitted by four students in Ms. Stephanie Owens’ Biology and Environmental Science...

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Hummingbirds are welcome visitors to many gardens, but can be challenging to attract. Hummingbirds prefer native species for nesting, so it is a good idea to use native plants in your garden if you want attract these beautiful creatures in your backyard. Besides their good looks, Hummingbirds also serve an important purpose by pollinating the plants in your garden. While some plants are pollinated by the wind or are self-pollinating, the vast majority rely on species like hummingbirds to carry pollen from one individual plant to another. When a...

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Are you looking to update your garden to be more lush and eco-friendly this summer? We have a few tips to ensure your garden will be healthy and thrive in our northern California conditions.


With warm, dry summer months in Northern California’s unique climate zone and our proximity to local waterways in San Mateo County, it is important to take into consideration Bay Friendly gardening. Bay-Friendly gardening is a holistic approach to gardening and landscaping that works in harmony with the natural...

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As California continues to experience a long-term drought, we want to make sure you have all the facts and get to know some great alternatives before you turn on that garden hose!


The Facts

  • Each car wash at home can use up to 150 gallons.
  • If every person washed their car at home 2 times a year, that could amount to 210,000,000 gallons of water consumed annually, just for washing cars!
  • Home car washing results in soap and pollutants in local waterways.



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Spring is a time for sunshine, flowers, new growth and exploring the outdoors. Get outside and join a community cleanup event and help preserve our local waterways and environment. On or around Earth Day on April 22nd, neighborhood litter pickup events, habitat restorations, graffiti abatement and other general sprucing up activities take place. Help capture trash before it goes into the storm drain!

Once in the storm drain, litter easily flows directly to our creeks, Bay, beaches and ocean. Find a spring cleanup event near you at...

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